Jun 8, 2010

Wanna be Out of My Mind!!

So bored of work! Wanna go in the wild jungle and swing on trees...So this weekend is an attempt to contradict myself and have a wild time with moi girl friends..
Things we have decided so far:
- Go dancing
- Get Sloshed
- Escape to Goa or M'baleshwar
- Sleep through the weekend

For all you know, I'll be in office working on weekends, imagining doing all the above and my gfs will break all contacts with me...

Jun 6, 2010

Reaching for the Skies

The monsoons are arriving sooner than I thought. This picture outside my balcony reminds me of the summer that is soon closing in. I'm sad that I din't get to do any summer activities this year. Time becomes still watching the clouds pass by.

I love the monsoons, coz it takes me back to the new school year phenomena. New books, uniform and shoes. New resolution to make the coming year a better one. Hope this monsoon brings the refreshing air that we all are craving for. May my friends and me become free at the same time and make plans.

This year Im finally learning the nuances of photography. Hope I get some good monsoon shots.

Here's to the Monsoons. :) :)

Mar 15, 2010

Elusive Faith

Long time back, a friend told me that there cannot be a God. The concept of having a powerful force who controls each and every event in our lives is a figment of somebody's imagination'. Else how can you explain all the wars and bad events around. I disagreed outright, with the instilled passion of faith that comes to a person born in a God-fearing family, whose parent happens to be an ardent sunday school teacher and an active member of the church.

That was 4 years back.

I wish I could say that I still disagree, but it just does not come with the same fervour as before. As I grew up, it never occurred to me to ask too many questions. I just believed everything as it was told. And life was so clear & simple to understand. If you do something bad, you go to hell and versa vice. And yes, heaven is somewhere in the sky, whereas hell is below the ground we stand on. Today I question whether there is anything called 'hell' anymore. (I mean could something be worse than the world we are living in?). And who can say what is good or bad anymore. Right and wrong has a whole new definition now and a thinner line of distinction.

The world I'm living in has become quite capable to de-sensitize. No one ever wears their emotions on their sleeves anymore. It could be the the quickest way to survive any tragedy.

I witnessed life in Mumbai, when the train bomb blasts took place. I witnessed life in Pune when the German Bakery blast took place. The place and the toll of death though different, the feeling of vulnerability and fear remained same.

Who knows for a fact that in the next blast, we might not be one among the statistics of people who either lost their life or a loved one.

Mar 5, 2010

Weekends are back again!

As the week passes by, I can't wait for the weekend. Every time I plan my weekend, its a fight between my two 'sides' lets call them the 'I-just-wanna-laze-around' side and 'oh-lets-make-my-weekend-fruitful' side. But I hardly stick to the plan. Instead I love to wake up late, laze around and watch TV. But that also hardly works. Coz I really can't enjoy lazing around feeling all guilty about the pending work.

So here is to another weekend! Hope fully I will get done all the things I've planned to.

Dec 14, 2009

The Monday

Im sitting at my desk on a monday morning too early for my records. I look around my place of work and see empty cubicles. Im trying to keep my eyes from shutting with a cup of coffee. Except from the CPU whirring there is absolute silence. No sound of any human contact near by. People come in trying to keep up a fresh face for the week ahead. Some walk in with a dazed look on their faces. I can hear some girly laughter and chatter at the pantry. The girls catching up on their activities during the weekends. The clicking of heels, the swiping of cards. The rustling of bags and the whiff of some strong bathing soaps or some '9-gemed'hair oils.

I'd so love to exchange all this sounds with that of the sea on the beach or some birds chirping or the breeze through the trees. The sight of morning sunrise or the smell of some good home made breakfast. Id love to run outside and sit in the well-maintained green lawns and laze. My boss walks in and asks me to arrange an impromptu status call meeting.

And So I step into this maze of activities.

Apr 30, 2009

Since the Last Time

Its been almost a year since I last updated my blog. I completely forgot the thrill I enjoyed writing. Well it had more to do with the fact that my job profile earlier expected me to write a lot and with my current job, it just took a backseat.

I still don't know why i stopped blogging. I enjoyed it, even got people to read it and then one day I just stopped. Just like that. I know I cud have made some time to update it. Well, what the heck! I'm back now and it feels great. Gosh I was just going through all the blogs I used to read earlier and wow things have changed a lot.

So what has happened with me Since the Last Time ???
1. Life changed for me just like a train changing tracks. I have began to view life differently and treasure it too. I've learnt to be more honest with myself and see things as they really are.

2. I've seen the lowest point in my life some months back and now by God's grace come out of it! Its been a tough few months. But through it all I feel it was a much needed waking call.

3. I witnessed how my life took the complete U turn healthwise. Certain unexpected events shook me completely and I just lost my desire to live. This was also a revelation to me as to who are the people who should matter the most to me. I got help from totally unexpected people who helped me deal with my Health related problems in the right manner.

4. I enrolled myself for a Power Yoga Class and as it turns out my trainer is the one and only Dr. Renu Mahtani (a fun loving, bubbly and spontaneous person. So not the attributes anyone relates to Yoga teachers.)

4. During my low point, I came across some genuine people who have battled difficulties in life and are living witnesses of Grit, Strength and Survival. And also observed some who are very self-centred, immature and illogically contained in themselves in the name of Faith.

5. I also did make some awesome friends and learned that there is more to life than just being all caught up in one's cucoon.

6. And oh yes I took a road trip to Kanha, which was awesome. (details and pics which will soon follow)

I hope to continue to be grateful for my existence and share my experiences through blogging...
So here is to Life & Good Times...and hopefully a good amount of blogging!!

Sep 10, 2008

New job comes calling!

I've been missing the blog scenario for quite some time now! I found that I have so much to catch up on. So many blogs to read, so many people to connect with. So if anyone 'is' curious as to why I was away for so long, the reason is this - had been buried with work load, was looking out for a new job, got a new job when I was least expecting it to happen and in the midst of it all, didn't get the time for my recent favorite activity!

So here I was one day at work and found myself without any work! Went into a spiralling thought process about my career and life. Spoke to my colleague(past college mate) about the quality of work. Of course, he had better things to do in life than share my reminiscing thoughts. Then I knew it was time to look out for something new. But hey, when you want something so bad, it's never gonna happen rite? So I waited and waited but nothing good turned up.

As usual work was just getting mediocre. I decided to talk to my superior regarding this - fixed the date and time when I would talk, also practised the talk in front of the mirror. And as if they'd got some telepathic waves, that day I got a whole list of new and interesting tasks to work on. And then onwards, my schedule was so tight, I literally didn't have time to lift my head up leave alone blogging. But for a change I started enjoying work. There was a fixed target to be met in a particular period. As for my previous colleague, who is in the designing team, work started getting repetitive. But this time, I had better things to do in life than hear his reminiscing thoughts.

And then it HAPPENED!!! After all the applying, re-applying, getting calls, going for interviews, being rejected, I got to know about a new opening. Having nothing to lose, went ahead and viola! got the final call. You'd thing the hard part is over. Then comes the part where you break this news to your boss. That time they make you feel like you are the most worthiest of the employee ever and as to how could you ever think of leaving. This from a guy whose only other conversation with me was when I was being hired! Then the questioning as to is the new job really worth the current one? The contempt for the new profile. The promises to make current job more interesting. All these talks really put you out of track and makes you wonder - sheesh , am I really taking the right decision leaving these wonderful people?
Every work teaches you a lot, adding experience and good memories. Parting is never pleasure for anyone. When I finally convinced them that they could not possibly do anything to stop me from moving on, I got to hear a deep sigh, a look of betrayal and a tone of fake 'all-the-bests'. And then came the dread of putting up the papers, getting all papers, submitting the papers to the new company, all the formalities, referral checks. Its never ending! And I'm wait in anticipation, expecting the worse, looking out for any possiblities of screw ups! You'd think anyone would be thrilled and on top of the world with the new job. Well, hold the excitement, you might be move after 2 years again!